About Us

Enjoying the rays in Pensacola

Enjoying the rays in Pensacola

This is us – Justin & Carrie, me & my super sexy husband who is most certainly “not a hippie.” Really, those were some of the first words he said to me, even though when we first met it was he who had dreads and not me. Dreads do not a hippie make. But, this isn’t about dreads, it is about us and our VW Life.
My love of VWs is what got us into this mess. I think it all can be blamed on my mother, because all good things can be blamed on our mothers. As the story goes, Mom bought a convertible white VW Bug around the time of my birth for us “to toodle around town in.” If you never toodled around town in a snazzy convertible bug when you’re a newborn, you haven’t lived.
I bought my first VW in the late 90’s. It was a beetle, it was black and orange with an awesome roof rack. I loved it. Sadly, I didn’t keep the bug very long as it turns out it made me kinda claustrophobic. I am close to 6′ tall and even with my short T-Rex arms I found I could reach across to the passenger side door a little too easily.
I’d always wanted a VW Westfalia though. Oh, how I’ve longed for one of those. Decades began passing and it got worse and worse because I really wanted one and being able to almost accurately say “decades” was pretty depressing.
Thankfully though, by this time in my life I’d met Justin and we’d had our boys, Shannon and Tristan, both of whom had inherited my love of VWs. That they stay home with me all day and are unschooled probably contributed to their love. As the case tends to be, it is easy to deny one’s self but far harder to deny one’s children. Or .. put another way, Shannon and I really wore Justin down pretty quickly when we teamed up.
This is how we came to own Stella, our first family VW, my first Westfalia.

Stella, Shannon, and Tristan - August 2011

Stella, Shannon, and Tristan – August 2011


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