Summer, Zen & Happiness

Happiness is easily spotted out the window

Happiness is easily spotted out the window

Summer has been what Summer is meant to be: wild, crazy, busy, with blissful slumps of absolute laziness in between. Which is another way of saying “Whoops, I haven’t blogged in a bit!”

Thankfully it hasn’t been terribly miserable heat wise around here. Despite the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, our area of Southwestern Virginia can be easily become horribly hot and HUMID. Muggy, muggy, muggy. Not my cup of tea. Since it hasn’t been that though, I’ve actually been driving Stella around a lot recently.

I was out and about the other day, having just dropped off the kids, when I had a perfect moment of Zen. Of course, that usually happens when you find yourself suddenly kid-free, but there I was. Driving around in Stella, windows down, gorgeous day with a perfect breeze blowing in, no music on – just the sound of her engine to soothe all my worries away.
What is it about Volkswagen engines that just make them sound so wonderful? I’ve never been a car girl. Quite the opposite ~ don’t believe me, ask mechanics, they’ll vouch for me. But it is those German engines, those VW engines that just make me smile. Make me happy that there isn’t any music on and it is just me and the road ahead. —– ZEN.

But sometimes I like music and this is where Stella has left me lacking. She has a radio and a cd player, but we tend to be more MP3 kinda people (having most of your cd collection stolen out of your car will do that to ya!). We’re left with local radio stations, which really just aren’t “me.” There is one the kids like, one I’ll tolerate, and a couple others I’ll flip through .. but all in all, well, it has been a “meh” situation.

Tonight we were driving her around and Justin happened to look in the glove box. He found a cord, kinda like you would use for headphones, with that auxiliary cord. You know the ones with the 1/8th” male end. He realized it looked like it ran to the stereo.

After plugging the cord into the smartphone, turning on the radio, fiddling with both it and Pandora, we realized our hopes had been raised for nothing. No sound. Then I came to a stop sign, resigning myself to silence, when we realized there WAS sound coming out of the rear speakers!! Volume levels were quickly adjusted and *POW* music!

Not just any music either! This was what came on – Character Zero by Phish.

I whooped and hollered and cheered and sung along .. loudly. The 9 1/2 year old wasn’t terribly thrilled with this but, DAMN WAS I!!!! Instant happiness! YES!!

So, I’ll leave you with these parting lyrics which seem to fit it all so perfectly:

I was taught a month ago
to bide my time and take it slow
then I learned just yesterday
to rush and never waste the day


About vwmamataney

I'm a louder than life crunchy mama living in Salem, VA with my awesome husband and our two crunchy boys. We're into unschooling, urban homesteading, tailgating, homebrewing, VT football and VWs!
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