Meet Baba

While camping up at Natural Bus we noticed that a fellow VW owner had a gnome sitting proudly atop their Vanagon.


We expressed our admiration to the owner (Adam I think his name was.  They were from Lynchburg) and he told us that the gnome had been with them since day one.

Being a completely original kinda gal (please note that was said with sarcasm) I of course said “Oh, I love that, we need a totem for Stella!”

So … meet Baba:


There are several things at play here.  One, the heart shaped keychain holder that comes from Hart Motors here in Salem.  My very beloved grandfather always, always, had this for his keys.  The Harts are cousins of ours, and I love the keychain not only for its practicality (it really is one of the best keychains for ease of use), but because of familial love.  It has been Stella’s keychain since day 1.

Now, the Matroyshka doll.  I’ve always admired the folk tradition and style from Russia and that area.  My step-mother happens to be from the Ukraine and this doll was a gift from my step-sister Alina who still lives there.
A lot of people mistakenly call matroyshka dolls “Babushka Dolls.”  Babushka is Russian for “grandmother.”  Ironically enough we called my grandmother Baba.

So, there you go.  Baba, our little matroyshka doll and totem.


About vwmamataney

I'm a louder than life crunchy mama living in Salem, VA with my awesome husband and our two crunchy boys. We're into unschooling, urban homesteading, tailgating, homebrewing, VT football and VWs!
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