Cooking in Stella

While camping at Natural Bus we finally got to cook in Stella.

The boyos eating spaghetti for dinner.

The boyos eating spaghetti for dinner.

Before we left I had made up a nice Italian Pasta Salad to take with us but the boyos requested spaghetti for dinner. We figured “why not?” We were able to get everything up and running easily enough and Tristan (pictured on the left) and Shannon (pictured on the right) enjoyed breaking in the table in between the two front seats.

Breakfast cooking set up.

Breakfast cooking set up.

For breakfast the next day I made Egg Muffin sandwiches. We had enough ingredients that I delightfully got to cook up some extra sandwiches to share with our friends. The eggs came from our own chickens back home, but one thing we learned was that we definitely need a camping egg holder. The cardboard ones do not do well in the cooler! A Styrofoam one would’ve been better, but a camping one would probably be best.

Also, when packing, I had put a small pan in Stella specifically for eggs.

Just for cooking eggs.

Just for cooking eggs.

Looks good right? Well … nine times out of ten it actually looked like this:

Not so pretty.

Not so pretty.

Turns out the pan I brought was just a bit too small to properly fit on the burner without tilting to one side or another.  Lesson #2 – Make sure your pots & pans are the right size before you leave home!

All in all though cooking in Stella was a good experience.  Yes, it did get a little hot in there, but it was already getting hot and humid outside.

Clean-up was pretty easy too.  We filled an old 2 liter bottle with water and a squirt of eco-friendly dish soap.  Moisten a cloth with the soapy water, wash the dishes, rinse with some fresh water and we were good to go.  We were even able to use the soapy rag to easily clean up the stove after cooking!  Note though, you definitely want to use some eco-friendly soap here as you’re cleaning out in nature – do no harm!

If you have a VW camper, do you cook in your kitchen area?  If not, why not?  If so, what do you think of it??  Tips, lessons learned, and so on?  We’d love to hear them!


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I'm a louder than life crunchy mama living in Salem, VA with my awesome husband and our two crunchy boys. We're into unschooling, urban homesteading, tailgating, homebrewing, VT football and VWs!
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2 Responses to Cooking in Stella

  1. Chris Laskey says:

    a good MSR kit fits inside the sink.

  2. vwmamataney says:

    Chris, what is a MSR kit and what does it do?

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