Time for another trip

Road Quote

I wonder how often Aesop travelled with kids in tow..

Tomorrow we leave for Natural Bus, an annual event held at the Jellystone Park in Natural Bridge, VA.  The event is put on by the Full Moon Bus Club which means there will be a ton of VWs there.  They also raffle off a bus every year.  It is a pretty cool time.

We’ve been twice before for day visits, but this will be the first time we take Stella and go camping.  Oh and this will also be the first time camping in Stella with the boyos.  To say they’re a little excited is an understatement.

Travelling and camping has changed a lot since I first started.  Not that I’m old, just that when I was younger and camping on my own without my parents, overnight camping required the following: ability to start a fire, a tent and sleeping bag or blanket, pillow, cooler with booze and maybe water, and a bag of chips to munch on.

Now though, it is a much more drawn out affair.  The kids’ clothes, plus an extra change of clothes for them just in case.  Bags to hold the just in cases’ mess.  The kids’ toys, blankets, pillows, lanterns.  The toys for the beach area at the campground.

For Justin and I it is still fairly simple.  Blankets, which stay in Stella, pillows, change of clothes.  We will bring along a foam mattress pad since having kids has ruined my ability to sleep on anything not padded without my hips protesting in the morning.

Booze is still a requirement (if you question this then, darlin’, I question if you’ve ever been around kids for an extended amount of time .. just sayin’), but now so is copious amounts of water.  Chips are usually still brought, but so are prepared meals and enough food to prepare more meals than we’ll likely eat.
For this particular trip that means: prepared Italian Pasta Salad, spaghetti for the boyos, sliced veggies, some ranch dip.  Eggs, cheese, and English Muffins for breakfast.  Prepared sandwiches (meat & cheese variety) and stuff for peanut butter sandwiches.  Why can’t I pre-make the peanut butter sandwiches?  I don’t know, it is just one of those crazy ass rules.

Since camping here means a lake and a pool (and more actually!), we’ll be bringing bathing suits, towels, sunblock, and toys.  I already mentioned the toys didn’t I?  It should tell you how damn important the toys are that they are worthy of a second mention.

We’re actually really looking forward to the trip.  You know, the grand ole overnight camping trip that took several days of planning.  But that is camping with kids.  We’re even getting to travel up with some friends who also have kids and we’re planning on camping beside them.  CAMPING BUDDIES!!! SQUEEEE!!!

Wish us luck.

Till I get back and can blog about the trip, please click on these links to see the delight that is Natural Bus:
* Natural Bus 2011 photos
* Natural Bus 2010 photos


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I'm a louder than life crunchy mama living in Salem, VA with my awesome husband and our two crunchy boys. We're into unschooling, urban homesteading, tailgating, homebrewing, VT football and VWs!
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