Stella’s look is now a kit!

As I’ve blogged about before, in our quest to decorate and personalize Stella, we decided to add vinyl stickers that we purchased online at (if you’re in the US or Canada you’ll order from here, not the UK store).  There was a really cool complete car kit there called “Lisa’s Fairy Kissed Mini.”  Really, it looks so good it makes me want a mini!

Using the Fairy Kissed Mini as our base we also ordered extra flowers and a few other little extras.  After we were finished I sent some photos of Stella back to the folks at Hippy Motors USA.  Shortly thereafter I received an email from a lady named Angela.  She was with the parent company, Hippy Motors, which is based in the UK.  She wanted to know if they could use the photos of Stella on their website.

WOW, right??  Of course I said “sure” and sent her the photos along with a link to the blog and the account on Flickr that detailed the process of putting the stickers on (it isn’t quite as easy as it seemed).  I asked that she please send me a link so I could see Stella’s photo.   That was several weeks ago.  Today I got this email:

I have finally had the time to put your beautiful Stella on the website, things have just been so busy here that I haven’t had a chance to think!
I have put her on this page  in the hope to inspire others, I have also put a link in for your blog.
Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration.
Brightest blessings
Angela xx

MEGA WOW!!! They turned Stella’s art into a kit!!! I was flattered before but now, I’m just on the floor!! WOW!!!

So, here is the link to “Stella Fairy Kiss vinyl flower kit” –  (yes I know the link is posted in the letter above, but here it is again anyway!)

Stella just got some world-wide love!! 😀

Hello Beautiful!!

Hello Beautiful!!


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One Response to Stella’s look is now a kit!

  1. naterialguy says:

    Wow & Super WOW, congratulations! Stella’s gonna need an agent

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