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Stella goes to .. Starr Hill Brewery!

Continuing on our Brew Ridge Trail tour, we visited Starr Hill Brewery on Saturday March 16.  It was a special visit for us in that we had visited them four years prior on our anniversary weekend when we briefly owned … Continue reading

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Soccer Time

As parents we come to that point in our lives where both of the boyos are now playing soccer.  In our society I’d be quickly dubbed a “Soccer Mom” .. much to the knee-slapping enjoyment of my friends.  However, like … Continue reading

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Stella’s look is now a kit!

As I’ve blogged about before, in our quest to decorate and personalize Stella, we decided to add vinyl stickers that we purchased online at (if you’re in the US or Canada you’ll order from here, not the UK store).  There was a … Continue reading

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Every day

I like this. It sums up life nicely. All I’d add to this is “every day”  ~ every day should be an adventure.  Enjoy it. Thanks to Free Range Learning for sharing this picture.

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Misty Mountain Camp Resort .. and how we learned to think about bathrooms!

*NOTE – I wasn’t going to start this off with a warning, but well, here I am anyway doing so.  If you can’t handle hearing the word bathroom and the knowledge that other people have bodily functions then go the … Continue reading

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